Shipping + FAQ

Shipping + Returns

All the details on shipping and how to return or exchange items. If you need more information, feel free to contact us.

When We Ship

We try our best to get packages out 48-business hours after order. We dedicated every Wednesday* to packaging and sending out orders.

*Unless Wednesday lands on the first of the month or noted prior to ordering on our Instagram or in our Newsletter.

All orders are shipped in the order they are received. Depending on how many orders are ahead of yours may determine the processing time.

If you have questions about your order, please contact us here with your order number.

We do ask for grace and invite you to trust in the Divine's timing, as this small business is run by two full-time parents.

Bespoke or private label candles can take over a month to create, from conceptualization to shipping, due to the nature of the customization. Contact us now to get your unique candles started.

Where We Ship

Currently we only ship within the US.

We are open to international and Canadian shipping upon request. Please contact us directly here.

All Canadian + International orders may be subject to import fees/duties and local taxes that are the responsibility of the customer to pay. Goods of Together has no control over international carriers, customs policies + package arrival time. All custom fees are the responsibility of the customer. We can not even guarantee shipment for international orders. Please order at your own risk. We hope to have better International shipping processes coming soon.

Shipping Rates

Orders over $150 receive free shipping.

We always use standard shipping, unless otherwise stated.

Shipping rates applied at check out based on weight and location.

Returns and Exchanges

Due to the fragility of candles, we do not accept returns or exchanges on candles. Please contact us with more information on fragrances if you are worried about the aromatherapy.

It doesn't happen often, but if your candle arrives broken, contact us with your order number and we will send a replacement.


We do offer exchanges on sizes for shirts and sweatshirts. Postage is paid by the costumer for all exchanges. Because we are a small business we can not offer returns at this moment. Contact us with your order number.


Our blankets are printed made-to-order, so at this time we cannot offer returns on blankets. If you'd like to exchange for another artisanal good, contact us with your order number. Postage is paid by the consumer for all exchanges.


Our tallow is not available for return or exchange at this time.

Digital Goods

All of our digital downloads are not available for return or exchange at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through these FAQ's for quick information. Feel free to contact us with any question.

Candle Materials

All candles are made with 100% organic soy wax, bio-degradable glitter (cellulose based material mainly made from eucalyptus), and high-grade, phthalate/toxic-free fragrance oils. We pride ourselves in giving back to our local communities. Nearly 98% of all our herbs + botanicals are sourced locally in Austin or Houston, TX or along our travels from other small businesses.

Candle Wellness & Warning
Prolong the life of your candle

The first burn: Our candles are 11 oz and should last about 70+ hours. This is vital to the health of your soy candle! To ensure the prolonged life of your candle, allow for your candle wax to pool completely to the edge of the vessel before extinguishing. This will allow for your candle to burn evenly without tunneling. Without this, you may experience wax build up around the container.

Normal use: After the initial burn, when relighting, all wicks should be cut to 1/4". You may notice there is a 'mushroom' shape on your wick, ALWAYS remove this before lighting, with no exceptions! This can easily be plucked with your fingers or cut with scissors or candle wick cutter. We suggest keeping your candle on between 2 and 4 hours at a time. Working with your candle in this limited capacity will allow for it to burn for 70+ hours.

Organic materials: Most of our candles have organic material in them, such as locally-sourced botanicals and herbs, as well as bio-glitter made from eucalyptus. Most of the time these materials will simply sink into the wax. To ensure safety, if organic material catches flame: extinguish, let cool, and carefully move that specific piece closer to the edge of the vessel or take out with chopsticks or tweezers.

Repurpose your vessel: When your wax gets to 1/2" your candle has reached its' life cycle and is now ready to be repurposed. Our vessels can be used for many different things such as propagating plants, small plant containers, pen holders, vases, the possibilities are endless.


When your candle is lit this is an open flame! Fire is considered to be alive + should be treated with utmost respect. To avoid fire & injury, please remember to always abide by these instructions:

Burn within sight. Keep away from flammable items, objects, vents, and streams of air. Keep away from children & pets. Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface. Do not burn candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Stop use when only 1/4" wax remains. Never leave your candle unattended.

Goods of Together is not responsible for any damages or harm incurred from improper candle use. All candles are burned at your own risk.