'Consider the Lilies' Velveteen Blanket

Size: 40" × 30"

In the quiet gratitude of their heart, a fruitful and gentle child wandered, attuned to the wisdom of the ages. Like lilies, they embraced simplicity, radiating grace and kindness. With each step, they embodied the timeless truth — 'Consider the lilies, how they grow.' A living testament to the beauty found in faith, gentleness, and a heart open to the wonders of creation." 🕊️💛

Wrap your little one in cuddly comfort with our 'Consider the Lilies' Velveteen Blanket, inspired by our own. Perfect for snuggles, this super soft blanket adds a cozy touch to any bedroom. With its unique dual pattern design, it's a must-have for the eclectic home. Versatile for kids or throws, it's a must-have for cozy snuggles.

Crafted for warmth and unparalleled comfort, this blanket is destined to be your favorite cuddle essential. The plush velveteen fabric invites you to a world of softness and style, making chilly evenings and lazy weekends a delight. Wrap yourself in the soothing embrace of this velvety goodness and elevate your cozy moments. It's not just a blanket; it's a haven of warmth waiting to become your everyday favorite. Embrace coziness with our Velveteen Blankets—your go-to for comfort and style!

Available in 3 sizes: 

Receiving Blanket 40" x 30"
Medium Throw 60" x 50"
Bedroom Throw 80" x 60"

Materials & Care

Made from 100% polyester.

How to care for your velveteen blanket:

Machine wash: cold (max 30C or 90F), gentle cycle, low heat or tumble dry.

*Hand washing or spot cleaning will extend the quality of the product; Do not bleach;  Do not iron; Do not dry-clean

Please Note

Please note, these blankets are printed so you may noticed strands of white fabric may be partly visible under the print surface. Sublimation printing allows for the colors to stay vibrant and stunning even with regular wear and tear and washing.

***The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends keeping soft objects and loose bedding out of the sleeping area for at least the first 12 months. Because of this, velveteen blankets should not be left unattended in cribs for children under 1 year.

Size: 40" × 30"

Blankets as unique as you

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It's so soft and the perfect size for carrying, now it's his special blanket he takes everywhere.