'Thank You' Candle


Pickup available at 15118 By the Lake Way

Usually ready in 2-4 days

Express appreciation with our "Thank You" candle. Handcrafted and infused with the warm embrace of gratitude, this artisanal creation is more than wax and wick – it's a heartfelt thank you captured in a flickering flame.

Gift "Thank You" to illuminate hearts with appreciation and fill spaces with the warm and soothing aroma of grateful moments. A token of thanks that lingers long after the candlelight fades. 

Our "Thank You" scented candle unveils a symphony of luxurious aromas. With a captivating blend of smoked vanilla, santal, coconut, lavender, geranium, fig leaf, amber, oak moss, and musk, this candle is a sweet and indulgent olfactory hug that feels safe and secure. 

More Info

This is a 10.5 oz bougie candle. Hand-poured and hand-designed in small batches. The burn time is approximately 55+ hours.


Made from 100% Soy Wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, locally sourced botanicals, and bio-degradable glitter made from eucalytpus.

Candle Care

Due to the nature of soy wax to extend the life of your candle please allow the wax to pool to the edges of the vessel before extinguishing.

After the first initial burn, cut the wick to 1/4" before burning again.

Botanicals usually sink into the wax and do not catch fire, but if they do simply blow out and carefully use a toothpick to move the organics to the edge of the vessel.

Always adhere to the warning label instructions on the bottom of the vessel. When your candle is lit, this is an open flame. Fire is considered to be alive + should be treated with utmost respect.

Review our entire candle care and fire warning on in our FAQ.